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  • Amelia Naim Indrajaya
    Amelia Naim Indrajaya Healthy food campaign by Naked will help to change the paradigm of Indonesian who prefer to eat without thinking about the possible negative impact to the health.
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  • Kevin Payne
    Kevin Payne In addition to expanding food choice for travelers or locals in Indonesia, the genesis of Naked Foods from Catalyst Strategy is an interesting example of a local firm creating a new brand and product to meet an unmet local need.
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  • suryadi wijaya
    suryadi wijaya its so inspiring me who have problem with obesity.
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Stop Eating Bread, Start Eating Naked

Date published: 19 Apr 2017
Jakarta, Indonesia     13 likes   7


It is quite a challenge for people living in Indonesia to follow a special diet program, such as paleo, vegan or those who are allergic to gluten, soy, or dairy, to find suitable healthy snacks or breakfast items. Naked Food Indonesia hopes to alleviate this pain point by developing a variety of gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, Paleo, and Vegan friendly products.

The Founder, Farina Situmorang, started Naked Foods Indonesia as a project for her Consultancy Firm, Catalyst Strategy in 2014.

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  • Healthy Snacks with 100% natural, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free ingredients 
  • People on Paleo diet and vegan with so many restricted rules can eat this snacks, and so can everyone

Overall impact

  • Increase the awareness for youngsters and adults in Indonesia about various dietary restrictions
  • Expand the variety of products people on a specific diet can consume in developing countries
  • The Catalyst Strategic Consulting Firm helped build awareness and expand sales of Naked Foods Indonesia


  • A strategic consultation firm leverages their creativity and problem-solving skills to provide healthy snacks for people with dietary restrictions that anyone can also enjoy
  • Paleo diet and vegan are generally a small portion of the population and are an even smaller minority in developing countries. This makes it almost impossible for them to meet their dietary needs. Naked Food Indonesia can make it easier for them to live and eat in Indonesia.

Business benefit

  • Naked Foods Indonesia increased monthly sales after working with the Catalsyt Strategic Firm, and sales continue to grow
  • Catalsyt Strategic Firm gained business and customer awareness through the collaboration with Naked Foods Indonesia

Social and environmental benefit

  • Jakarta Citizens have more nutritious snacks that meet a variety of dietary restrictions and have increased awareness about alternative diets such as Paleo and Vegan


Januar Farlan, Manager

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  • Joko Rusmartono Jati
    Joko Rusmartono Jati A provocative title which leads people to read more that turn out to be a healthy product for a healthier community. Nice writing, nice product.
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  • Asep Herlambang
    Asep Herlambang This one is healthy snacks with appealing looks, i want to grab one....can i have it Bro? I want it soo bad... I will Go Far....For A Naked Bar.
  • Insan Kamil
    Insan Kamil health nowadays become luxury as cancer issues is spreading rapidly. thyroid cancer is one of the most skyrocketting cancer, and one of the cuase is from foods we eat. so eat healthy food is a must. i should try naked
    May 12
  • Joice Juliana
    Joice Juliana A nutrition compact snack which fits for urban citizen's need. Naming it Naked piqued people's curiosity and therefore has marketed and campaigned itself. Thanks for the story Pak Reza.
    May 17