UN Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth


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Date published: 20 Jul 2017
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Z.Y WONG Accounting & Co.

Z.Y Wong Company is an Accounting Firm located at Malaysia which has been founded since year 1990. This firm is consisted with three departments which are Tax, Auditing and Secretarial. Audit department helps individuals to audit the accounts and provide accounting consultant service, Tax department responsible in tax accounts, while Secretary helps to book keeping and file documentation. During the interview, I know more about the history and background of this accounting firm. The founder, Jayden Wong was worked as manager 10 years ago before he found his own accounting firm. This was because he wants to his life goals to success by using his own knowledge and past working experience. Since now his firm is on the pathway to success, he wants to take the abilities to attain the responsibilities to environment. In adhering to the modern business nowadays, it is important to focus on environmental responsibilities. Associated with this, ZY Wong started to do something on reducing the carbon footprint for the environment, even though it is in a small scale of effort. Jayden say that: “Technologies nowadays are convenience and why don’t we use it wisely since it is good for everyone to use it”. By following the latest modern technologies today which is the communication of electrical as well as the resources used and spent on the worker departments, and at the same time increase the efficiencies of services and working process, Jayden replace all the paperwork through a software call AuditSME software to reduce the environment costs. Furthermore, instead printing out the information out, Z.Y Wong is using Cloud Storage for the employees to access all the information online if they have the username and password to login. This paperless structure has linked to the Goal 15 in UN SDGs which is “Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss” as this goal describe protecting the biodiversity for example the forest who covered 30% on the earth. Besides goal 15, Z.Y Wong achieved goal 8 which is “promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all”. Jayden has promoted the economic growth to his employees for example like he will provide annual leave, bonus, and retirement plan to all the employees who achieved and work hard with him. In addition, besides all of these, Jayden will provide company trip like giving employees the flight tickets as bonus if they achieved certain target of the sales of business. Instead of just focusing on current employees, Jayden will recruit interns who willing to learn and work for him without looking about the experiences of those interns who interested. Moreover, through the interview, Jayden said that they earned a profit of RM759,800 at last fiscal year which meant this company had provided services to the society and this proved they had cause a positive impact to the social at the same time they are earning revenue for the business. Therefore, Z.Y Wong is committed with social economic growth and job opportunities in line with goal 8 in UN SDGs.