UN Sustainable Development Goal

Affordable and Clean Energy


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Date published: 20 Jul 2017
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Aestiva Global is a company that manufactures its own solar water heater system and provides a range of quality products and ongoing local technical support to its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers and to local households. The company has achieved Goal 7 under the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) which is Affordable and Clean Energy. The company is a strong believer in maximizing solar water heater system performances via innovation and technologies. Through innovation, the company has modified its water tank to sustain the water at a heated temperature without the use of electricity. When the CEO of Aestiva Global, Mr. Allen Meng, found out that Australia was one of the highest carbon emission countries in the world, despite its large solar market, he took the opportunity and formed Aestiva Global in 2012. The company has since grown into a global company which comprises of more than 300 staff working in offices as well as factories in China and Melbourne. The company has the long-term vision of continuously expanding to become the top company in Australia. The manager of Aestiva Global, Mr. Jae Jung, mentioned in the interview that the company has expanded to Western Australia, where upcoming houses will utilize Aestiva Global’s solar water heater system and that the company is on track to achieve that goal. Next, the company’s innovation has also made a positive impact on the environment by utilising renewable energy instead of electricity for their product to function. This contributes substantial benefits to our climate, health and economy as using solar energy will help reduce global warming, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. These reductions will lead to a greener world for future generations. Furthermore, the communities will make an environmental impact by reducing their carbon footprint if they install a solar water heater system. Mr Jae Jung believes that even though it may be expensive to install the system, it is an economical investment for households in Australia. Eventually, the solar water heater system will benefit them as they will be saving a lot of money on their utility bills. Another way the community can save money is through rebates and subsidies provided by the Australian government. The subsidies are a result of the Australian government being supportive of the utilisation of solar technologies in Australian households and community organisations. Thus, it is highly recommended to install a solar water heater system so that the community can enjoy a better lifestyle financially and physically. To summarise, Aestiva Global makes a healthy profit due to supplying big manufacturing companies and the lack of competitors in this particular industry. Installing a solar water heater system also provides financial and economic benefits to society as households manage to save money on their utility bills. Lastly, if every household uses renewable energy instead of electricity to heat their water, this will bring a positive impact to the environment.