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Date published: 18 Jul 2017
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LunchOwl: Fresh and Energizing Lunches Delivered to the Very Best Employers

LunchOwl wants to help you lead a happier, healthier and more efficient life. They’re doing so through an innovative workplace lunch service, launched in 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio, which partners with forward-thinking companies to provide healthy workplace lunches. Their philosophy centers around convenience and well-being. They meet employees in their environment, offering a meal that is approachable and one small step in the direction of better health. Scott Himmel, LunchOwl’s founder, believes that employees who eat well, feel better and do better work, positively impacting the workplace. LunchOwl’s sweet spot is partnering with companies that have between 20 and 500 employees. In two years, they’ve engaged 40 companies across Cleveland, with a 100% retention rate. Partners contribute to the cost of the lunch, keeping employees’ price per meal low. After determining participation frequency, LunchOwl installs a dedicated ‘LunchOwl Refrigerator,’ purpose-built for proprietary LunchOwl meal storage containers. Partner employees use LunchOwl’s online platform to order and customize meals. Meal options are based on LunchOwl’s ‘Wise Food Promise;’ all meals are scratch made from simple, fresh, and whole ingredients. They use hormone and antibiotic-free meats and local produce when available. Most recently, LunchOwl started offering fresh fruit delivery and are developing a ‘Grab-and-Go Micro-Market’ service offering, on-demand lunches and snacks, to be adjacent to LunchOwl refrigerators. Responsibility to the environment is just as important to LunchOwl as their commitment to health. Scott is cognizant of the implications of food and packaging waste. Their business model and predictability of sales allow meal prep to be done in a very specific way, minimizing food waste on the front end. A composting program is in the works for what little remains. Lunches are delivered in reusable packaging, collected and cleaned by LunchOwl. Initially, Scott received push-back on this program, because of the associated overhead. He couldn’t envision LunchOwl without such a policy; it’s a part of their values and what makes their program so unique. Scott envisions LunchOwl expanding beyond Cleveland, positively impacting individuals and businesses across the country. They’re in the process of assessing their methods to sustainably scale, without compromising founding values. Their commitment to their employees and guests, integrity and ingenuity will drive this brand into lunchrooms across the Nation! Read more on what makes LunchOwl so great at their website.