UN Sustainable Development Goal

Decent Work and Economic Growth


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Date published: 15 Jul 2017
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K W FORTUNE ACCOUNTING is an CPA accounting firm located in Melbourne Glen Waverley area which has been founded in 2015 and aims to help people with things like book keeping, taxation, accountancy and individual advice serviced to individuals, self-employed individuals and businesses. It also provides services include making a statement of dutiable goods and reporting for tax returns. In the face to face interview, I have realized the background for the company founder Kristy Wu and the company’s history. Before Kristy found her own company, she was working on a local accounting company as sub-manager. And two years ago, when Kristy has enough working experience and also in order to fulfill her life goals, Kristy decided to create her own accounting company. In the last two years, Mrs. Wu continues to strive to achieve her various life goals and to climb the unbalanced stairs of success. Thus, as a successful entrepreneur, the founder Kristy Wu makes it her obligation to fulfill her social responsibilities to the best of her abilities, and the entrepreneurship is clearly growing on her. she notes that: “As an entrepreneur, instead of making profit, I do think the major aim to my company is to be a responsible firm which contributed positive impacts to the community.” In the interview, It is known that K W FORTUNE ACCOUNTING company has created approximately $100,000 net profit in last financial year which definitely bring positive economic impact on society. It is mainly focused on areas with high impact on the Australian tax issue. Then, it actually promoting economic growth by developing the arrangement in Australian accounting system. As a new accounting firm, it only has 1 full time employees and 2 part-time employees, but for all employees, K W firm provides formal wellbeing like annual leave, sick leave and superannuation. As I know, K W FORTUNE ACCOUNTING firm is going to raise fund for further expansion and hire more full time employees in the near future. Then, in according to the number 8 UN SDG goals: decent work and economic growth, K W FORTUNE ACCOUNTING firm is definitely going to devote itself in job creation and stimulate social economic growth. Moreover, according to its day-to-day operation, K W FORTUNE ACCOUNTING company on Glen Waverley is powered entirely by renewable energy, and water saving system. As Its sub-manager, iris Zheng, mentioned in the interview that: “I think our company should not only focusing on the tax issue, and also caring about the environment.” Then, in order to become a more environmental friendly firm, Iris considers to suggest Kristy to replace normal office written paper to the recyclable paper. As such, replacing all the electric lamp to energy-saving style. Therefore, according to the UN SDGs, the suggestions which come up with sub-manager Iris can help K W accounting firm to achieve “Goal 7: Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” In this goal, it targets to things like: “increase substantially the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix” (UN organization). Then, by implementing sub-manager’s suggestions, K W company is going to achieve goal 7 from UN SGDs in near future.