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Good Health and Well-Being


user photo Submitted by Kirsten Dwyer
Date published: 1 Jul 2017

Creating and restoring healthy bodies

Alisa, owner for AC Pilates, has created a place where older folks can work on restoring their bodies and teens and young adults can learn about their bodies and core strength. Alisa was born with scoliosis and had a very difficult time as a youngster. She was always looking for ways to correct or improve her condition. She came across Pilates and devoted all of her time learning about the practice. After studying with many top Pilates instructors, she began to teach to students at a health club. In the beginning she worked with lots of different folks but soon realized she could have a significant impact on the older generation and their mobility. She soon decided to open her own studio and focus on restorative Pilates and whole body wellness. In order to do this the proper way Alisa (with no medical background or schooling) decided it would be in her best interest to get "board certified". She spent countless hours studying every part of the human body and what makes it work. She passed her board and became 1 out of 2 board certified instructors in the State of Vermont. Alisa is an amazing person who truly care about others. She takes the time and gives her energy to restoring movement in the body. She has helped people with back problems, hip problems, strokes, heart attacks, you name it, she has made an incredible difference and given others back some of what they had lost.