UN Sustainable Development Goal

Affordable and Clean Energy


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Date published: 29 Mar 2017
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The Power of "WinSolar"

UN Sustainable Development sets twelve goals, and the seventh goal is affordable and clean energy. Nowadays, more and more engineers and scientists have engaged in exploring and developing renewable energy to replace the traditional fossil fuel. Among all of the ongoing subjects, wind power and solar power gained a lot of public’s attention, since wind power and solar power are more collectible and the construction for collection is easier than others, such as bio-energy collection. However, wind power and solar power share one common disadvantage that is intermittency. The “WinSolar” here means a kind of power which generated from both wind and solar. In Inner Mongolia of China, wind power and solar power are both strong, compared to other area in China, and the wind power and the solar power in Inner Mongolia are complementary. Thus, Inner Mongolia University and Inner Mongolia QingYu Tech. Co., Ltd. together invented a system that allow to collect both wind power and solar power, and then transferred to usable electricity. In Inner Mongolia, China, both solar power and wind power are the strongest, compared to Chinese other area. Also, Inner Mongolia is a piece of plain land, which allows to construct any equipment needed for collecting solar power and wind power. Besides, the hybrid of wind power and solar power system is practicable in Inner Mongolia because the solar power and the wind power are complementary there. From a daily perspective, during the daytime, the solar power is very strong, and during the night, the wind power becomes strong. From a yearly perspective, in summer, June to September, the solar power is the strongest, and in spring, fall and winter, the wind power is the strongest. Based on this unique climate condition in Inner Mongolia, the “WinSolar” Power System is developed by Inner Mongolia University and Inner Mongolia QingYu Tech. Co., Ltd. And the company popularized this system into rural area in Inner Mongolia. The system has the following components: wind turbine built on a tower, PV array to collect solar energy, wind charge controller, PV charge controller, DC power center, battery bank, and inverter. So, the function is, firstly, the wind turbine and the PV array collect wind power and solar power. Secondly, the wind charge controller and the PV charge controller transfer the natural power to electricity power in DC power center, and the electricity power is stored in battery bank. Lastly, the inverter transfers the direct currency into alternative currency, so that the electricity is useable. The system is able to provide 3.8 to 4.2 kw/h daily, which almost satisfies the usage of one house in the rural area. The system costs around $2000, and its use life is around 30 years, which means it only costs $0.18 per day. Compared to the cost for electricity per day, it is much less. According to statistics, the usage rage of the “WinSolar” system is more than 95% annually, which means in a duration of a year, there is less than 5% that the system cannot work, due to bad weather condition. Additionally, as more and more energy-saving home appliances developed, the system satisfies more for one house usage of electricity in rural area in Inner Mongolia, China.