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UN Sustainable Development Goal

Good Health and Well-Being


user photo Submitted by Hieu Nguyen
Date published: 4 Mar 2017

Khai Minh Macrobiotics - Brown Rice

Khai Minh offer to their customers a wide range of healthy products which mainly made from brown rice and vegetable. Besides offering these healthy advantages to customers, Mr Vien also raises customer awareness in protecting our environment, saving animal life and aiming to build a balance lifestyle by teaching these meditation lessons. Thus, the crucial business strategy of any organization not only aim at maximizing profit but also focus on other sustainable benefit which can contribute to environment protection and society. After meeting with Mr Vien – CEO of Khai Minh, our group realize that running a company should be in a harmony with sustainable values. It is obvious that sustainable development is the arranging rule for meeting human advancement objectives while in the meantime supporting the capacity of normal frameworks to give the common assets and biological system administrations whereupon the economy and society depends. Website: