UN Sustainable Development Goal

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Date published: 23 Nov 2016
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IslaBikes Imagine Project

IslaBikes is developing a small range of sustainable bikes in the UK that will be utility “riding to school" bikes that will sit alongside current models and will be available for customers to use on a rental-only basis. IslaBikes is looking for a modest number of early adopters to play a crucial role in helping to develop the product, circular manufacturing methods and service.


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  • Ekaterina Ivanova
    Ekaterina Ivanova What a cool project! With a totally different approach to ownership. Wow! Great idea from the UK!
    January 3
  • Julie Engerran
    Julie Engerran IslaBikes was covered on BBC news segment http://www.islabikes.co.uk/imagineproject/imagine-project-bbc-news?dm_i=2QC2,D0NB,4NYU4Z,1CK9M,1
    January 10