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user photo Submitted by Claire Sommer
Date published: 6 Sep 2016

Granjeros - A Board Game for a New Economy

Explore a new board game called “Juego Granjeros,” that is based on the principles and values of B-corporations. It was built in collaboration with “Sistema B Chile”, an AIM2Flourish partner. The game offers a very interesting alternative to exemplify the new rules of operations of business ecosystems when people engage in sustainable strategies. While this start-up is not yet eligible as an AIM2Flourish story, it's a creative example of a high-potential (and fun!) way to enhance sustainability teaching and learning.


  • Nurete Brenner
    Nurete Brenner I love it. Where can I buy one?
    September 12, 2016
  • Kevin Payne
    Kevin Payne I'd like one too! Sadly it looks like they only sell this in Chile at the moment. I hope it's successful and expands to the US.
    September 13, 2016
  • Ignacio Pavez
    Ignacio Pavez Yes, it was just launched two weeks ago in Chile, but I hope it will be in the US next year. It is great!
    September 14, 2016
  • Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez
    Pablo Gustavo Rodriguez I celebrate the launching of this game and I hope it will be distributed in Argentina through Sistema B.
    November 26, 2016