• Topic: What are “golden” and “epic” innovations?

    • October 27, 2015 8:27 PM EDT
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      What are “golden” and “epic” innovations?

      We seek out mindful, authentic stories of businesses innovating for the betterment of all (including the business, itself). We will recognize and celebrate innovations that point us forward towards a flourishing future .


      Ultimately, our goal is to discover and elevate “golden innovations” — the exemplars of business innovation that act as stepping stones to uplift humanity and the world. Golden innovations are important because they create patterns of change, that when combined with other innovations, become transformational. A simple example is the impact that chemical-free commercial cleaning products, by Tennant and others, has on worker health and safety, as well as its customers. Tennant makes chemical-free indoor and outdoor cleaning solutions that use 70% less water, are environmentally inert, and drastically reduce workers’ exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace.

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