Les Jardins de Chivrageon

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Les Jardins de Chivrageon is a business that started in Aubonne, Switzerland by Raphaël Getaz, a 22-year old freshly graduated cook. The idea was to create a sustainable micro farm with a wide variety of products that no other farmer was offering in the region between Morges and Nyon. With his 1Hectare (2,4 Acres) of land, Raphaël will be selling between 220 and 250 varieties of fruits and vegetables to his customers next year, versus 70 this year. At the moment, he proposes three basket sizes of fresh products that customers come and pick-up directly on-site. Not only does Raphaël not use any chemical products because all of his treatments are homemade, he doesn’t use any mechanization to farm either. (see below “Social and Environmental benefit” for details) During the interview, he emphasized the importance of respecting the environment surrounding us to have as little impact as possible, in order not to degrade nature’s cycles.

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Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 2-10

  • Morges District ,Switzerland
    Aubonne, Switzerland