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Bueno Y Sano was founded by Bob Lowry, and is a family-owned chain restaurant with locations all over northern New England, including Amherst, Northampton, Springfield, West Springfield, and Action, Massachusetts, and Burlington and South Burlington, Vermont. Bueno Y Sano, translated from Spanish to English, literally means “good and healthy”, which supports the Number Three United Nations Global Goal for Sustainable Development of Good Health and Well-Being. Bueno Y Sano’s mission is to “make people happy” by producing healthy fresh meals. Promoting the welfare of healthy food is crucial, because it helps to create a sustainable society. Bueno Y Sano is on the right path by promoting and protecting everyone’s health and by making the community aware of their healthy meal selections. Bueno Y Sano believes in using fresh vegetables. Studies have shown that in America, “three-fourths of the population has a low eating pattern in vegetables, fruits, oil and dairy.” ( Bueno Y Sano helps consumers meet their individual needs of eating healthy by crafting low calorie meals that are either vegetarian or gluten free. The company buys locally, as often as possible, and works on supporting and strengthening their communities by encouraging healthier lifestyles for all.

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Year Founded: 1995

Number of Employees: 51-200

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    1 Boltwood Walk, Amherst, MA, United States