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Upon conducting an interview with Mr. Houcine Amri , the information system manager of M'dina Bus, we managed to collect the maximum amount of information that is input related to the managerial style of the company as well as where their innovation is present. First, the interviewee presented briefly the company "M’dina bus is a Moroccan company which headquarters are located in Casablanca. The services that it provides are related to transportation of citizens that live within the Wilaya of Grand Casablanca. The company operates using 866 buses which network covers almost 1200 kilometers. The company has 4800 employees both men and women that work hard every day to fulfill the needs of customers. It took advantage of the market gap related to transportation that used to be present within the city of Casablanca in order to come up with an innovative idea that is: offer transportation services for customer at an affordable price accessible by the majority of Moroccans." (Houcine A.) Historically, the company started to operate within the market of Casablanca in 2004. In fact, they got their authorization from the government in order to offer their services within the city of Casablanca but also in some cities nearby. The company started then by an initial number of 400 buses that grew since then as a reaction to the increasing demand. In order to answer our main question which is related to the innovation proposed by this company, Mr. Amri stated that it is mainly related to the business model that they follow.

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Year Founded: 2004

Number of Employees: 5,001-10,000

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    Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Maroc