Conceptos Plásticos


It`s an initiative that looks to generate a high impact in the society, promoting conditions of sustainability by mean of the offer of worthy housings for vulnerable population across an innovative, economic, and lasting solution. “The objective of Plastic Concepts is to answer to different problematic that affect the community nowadays, contributing at the same time with the reduction of the pollution that plastic residues have on the environment and his incident on the global warming”, said Ricardo Rico. The project of Plastic Concepts was born thanks to the “knowledge obtained in topics of infrastructure and construction from their founders, which take advantage of the synergy of their wisdoms to be in constant search of new technologies and inputs that improve the processes of housings building”. The industrialization is an important point, it takes as a base the recycled plastic for the construction and likewise the benefit that can be obtained for the environment.

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Year Founded: 2010

Number of Employees: 51-200

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