Magar DaikoPanipuri and Chatpatey: Breaking stereotypes

Mahalaxmisthan Road, Patan, Nepal   Get Direction

Magar DaikoPanipuri and Chatpatey is a successful story of a mom and pop store selling spicy snacks called panipuri, made up of crispy flour puff served with mashed spicy potato, and a tangy water serving and chatpatey, a spicy and sour snack made of puffed rice mixed with various ingredients like peas, peanuts, potato crisps etc. There is a wave of culture of eating spicy snacks outdoor among the youngsters can be observed not just in Kathmandu but all over South Asian cities. At an outset, selling panipuri and chatpatey could be an insignificant business, however, the success story of Magar Dai's mom and pop store reflects how a small business, with as little capital investment as possible, can lift family out of poverty and provide a means for decent living in a situation of joblessness and desperation.

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Year Founded: 2008

Number of Employees: 2-10

  • Bagmati ,Nepal
    Mahalaxmisthan Road, Patan, Nepal