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By utilizing the concept of mobile apps and ride sharing services, Teo taxi service has become the leading means of transportation service in a city full of strict transportation codes and regulations. Using some creativity and (literal) horsepower to get the company going, Teo has become one of the fastest growing companies in all of Quebec, Canada. As of the past couple years, more and more residents of Montreal, QC, Canada are learning about the new, revolutionizing taxi service by the green and white electric cars zipping around the city. TaxelCo, a major taxi provider for the Montreal metropolitan area in the province of Quebec, Canada, has branched out and started working on transporting passengers in their all-electric fleet of vehicles including Nissan Leafs, Kia Souls, and most impressive, Teslas. The new company initiated by Mr. Marc Petit with funding from XPND Capital of nearly $200 million (CAD), Teo Taxi has become a household name in the business of transporting people within the downtown area of Montreal. With car-sharing services such as Uber considered illegal in the city of Montreal, it provided the opportunity for Teo to creatively acquire taxi licenses and provide a product, which is easy to use and helps the city of Montreal.

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Year Founded: 2016

Number of Employees: 201-500

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  • Montreal ,Canada
    Montreal, QC, Canada