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Artesano de Sueños is born from the union of Mercedes Ghioni and Jorge Grimaudo. Partners in life and in business. Mercedes is a political scientist specializing in international relations, who for 20 years worked in various governmental areas, advised companies and NGOs, but always was concerned about social and environmental issues. Jorge is the fifth generation of “Colchoneros masters” of the Grimaudo family. Craft + Eco-Design was the first equation that motivated this couple to launch its brand in the market. Jorge inherited the craft and the experience of Former House Grimaudo. This family business which made mattresses of wool with the traditional artisan methods brought by his grandfather from Italy in Buenos Aires for almost 100 years. The handmade mattress - 100% natural - is more beneficial for health and restful. A product of maximum quality, but whose demands not resisted the advance of mattresses industrial. Before, all mattresses were handcrafted and “colchoneros” had in each neighborhood, town or city. In 2009, Mercedes and Jorge seized the opportunity to relaunch his family business in different design with the name of Artesano de Sueños, to introduce sustainable products and design and promote good practices. From that moment, the "mother" product of entrepreneurship - sleeping - wool mattress for rest, saw its iconic aesthetics diversified in numerous and different products. Regarding innovation towards design, they incorporated new trends of modern and comfortable materials that were the key to the revival of the trade and a growth uninterrupted. Stems, therefore, an audience that follows them and recognized easily by their product quality and your personal warmth. Today, Artesano de Sueños offers sustainable furniture for almost all the environments of a house; mattresses for all the ages, beds, backrests, armchairs for inside and outside, poufs, multifunctional designs, cushions, mats, products for meditation and relaxation. The company gives priority to materials 100% natural, healthy, biodegradable and reusable indefinitely.

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Year Founded: 2009

Number of Employees: 2-10

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    Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina