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Kapwi Eco-Lodge

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“Protecting the land for future generations”

Kapawi is a sustainable eco-tourism company in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. The Kapawi Project started in 1993. What makes Kapawi stand out, aside from its sustainable practices, was that the company (Canodros) that planned to run the eco-lodge for 15 years before a planned transfer of ownership of the lodge to the local Achuar community. In 2008, as promised, the lodge was given to the community after years of training young locals in management of the lodge. Kapawi has employed local Achuar members since its inception and also made sure it has had little to no impact on the environment.

At this time, the lodge is run 100% by the Achuar community and has enjoyed continued success since 2008. The management of the lodge now offers training programs for people around the world on subjects such as sustainability, conservation, and administration. Not only does it provide direct employment to those locals who work at the lodge, it also supports the local artisans by providing a marketplace of sorts to sell local Achuar products to visitors.

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